How to Get Live Wallpapers on Windows 11

Take your vintage wallpaper strip in hand by holding the «ceiling end» which should be the smaller of the folded portions. Climb the ladder and carefully separate the top folded section. Apply the paper to the wall with an extra 3 inches of wallpaper sticking out beyond the ceiling. Ceiling lines are rarely straight, so […]

How to change your Snapchat wallpaper

Perhaps, you don’t like the default macOS wallpaper or you just want to use a custom image of your choice as the background? Fortunately, this is pretty easy to do on a macOS machine. Another option is to use a free app like Wallpaper Wizard Lite, which will automatically download new desktop pictures in addition […]

How to Customise the Background Image on a Mac Login Screen

The problem I have had is that when going to set the Screensaver & Desktop pics, I am able to access and set up screensaver pics. However, the Desktop portion of the menu is blank and I cannot select pics for the Desktop. To use a picture that comes with your Mac, select Desktop Pictures […]